Week 25 in Technology

It was an interesting week, to say the least. While the news was filled with a lot of interesting bits and bobs, I found one company dominating international headlines. Good ol’ Microsoft. Let’s start with a high. Microsoft recently introduced Windows 11 (surprise, surprise). It is a surprise because Microsoft made an earlier stance of… Continue reading Week 25 in Technology

SUCI Catcher – a 5G security issue

Introduction 5G had introduced vast improvements over its predecessors, namely 2G, 3G, and 4G. The issue of IMSI catchers plagued users and threatened the security and sanctity of mobile networks globally. I briefly discussed Stingray/IMSI catchers in my previous article, a look into 5G. However, recent developments revealed a new vector of attacks, discovered by… Continue reading SUCI Catcher – a 5G security issue

Malaysia’s International Trade and Industries CIMS 3.0 – Case study

Background We’re in this pandemic for over a year. Malaysian government has recently issued a decree for a “total lockdown”, which requires everyone to work from home. Only selected sectors that has been predefined, or which has approval from the ministry is allowed to operate. MITI’s role In order to obtain the approval, one has… Continue reading Malaysia’s International Trade and Industries CIMS 3.0 – Case study

5G Security Primer

The sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts put together. This is the mantra when it comes to mobile security. As one does not lose sight of the forest against the trees, the network is as strong when it’s individually and collectively secured. In building the security standards, global organizations such as… Continue reading 5G Security Primer

Singtel breach (2021) – case study

What happened Singtel? Singtel, in a report, released a statement that they are currently investigating a data breach involving customer data. For those who aren’t familiar, Singtel is a Singapore based group of telecommunications companies around Asia, as well as a telco licensee in Singapore. Singapore was notified by Accellion that the data breach occurred… Continue reading Singtel breach (2021) – case study

Selayang Hospital IT system case study – Jan 2021

Digitization and Hospital Management As part of digital move introduced by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, Selayang Hospital underwent a major transformation, introducing the THIS – Total Hospital Information System. This system was aimed to provide a comprehensive hospital solution that covers imaging and patient information. Based on research done… Continue reading Selayang Hospital IT system case study – Jan 2021

Hackers for Hire – The case of Dark Basin

Mad kudos to Toronto based Citizen Labs for this excellent work! Citizen Labs just published (about 13 hours ago) an expose of an Indian company, dubbed as ‘Dark Basin’ which is responsible for hacking thousands of individuals over six continents. The victim list isn’t just random joes, but public figures, rich and the affluent, NGOs… Continue reading Hackers for Hire – The case of Dark Basin