Singtel breach (2021) – case study

What happened Singtel? Singtel, in a report, released a statement that they are currently investigating a data breach involving customer data. For those who aren’t familiar, Singtel is a Singapore based group of telecommunications companies around Asia, as well as a telco licensee in Singapore. Singapore was notified by Accellion that the data breach occurred… Continue reading Singtel breach (2021) – case study

Singapore to propose Infosec tech rating – a review

BlackHat Asia recently hosts Singapore’s Deputy Chief Executive Brigadier General Gaurav Keerthi. Gaurav Keerthi was speaking on Singapore’s initiative for a voluntary “Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme” that is aimed at rating consumer’s broadband gateway. In his speech, Gaurav Keerthi draws parallel between the importance of public utility such as water supply & sewerage, focusing on the… Continue reading Singapore to propose Infosec tech rating – a review