Hacker Scorn – Tale of UniKL

This isn’t your typical “I-got-breached/hacked” case study. In fact, I found it so interesting, initially I didn’t pay much attention. What got to me was the level of details that the hacker was able to provide to prove the hack was indeed real and pretty much placed the smoking gun in his hands. Let’s dive… Continue reading Hacker Scorn – Tale of UniKL

Singtel breach (2021) – case study

What happened Singtel? Singtel, in a report, released a statement that they are currently investigating a data breach involving customer data. For those who aren’t familiar, Singtel is a Singapore based group of telecommunications companies around Asia, as well as a telco licensee in Singapore. Singapore was notified by Accellion that the data breach occurred… Continue reading Singtel breach (2021) – case study

e-Pay data breach – a case study

Introduction e-Pay is a solution part of GHL group of companies. Based on their website, e-Pay is was founded when Malaysia‚Äôs telco industry was just emerging in the late nineties. We have been providing top-up services ever since prepaid mobile plans became popular. Since our simpler beginnings, e-pay has expanded to include a host of… Continue reading e-Pay data breach – a case study