Malaysian Airport Incident – A case study

Last updated: 4 September 2019 Acknowledgement The information provided in this post was through crowdsourcing, thanks to the IT Security SIG set up by Nigel Rodrigues, contributed by many, with candid discussion which inspired me to write this article. As this incident is still developing, this article will be updated with the latest information, and… Continue reading Malaysian Airport Incident – A case study

Geopolitical considerations as part of Technology risk

This thread started off as a discussion at the local Mamak (the Malaysian colloquial terminology for your cafe). A bunch of security and tech folks meet up to ponder upon the world and business woe. The discussion started off with the question “How do you decide on your tech purchase? What are your consideration factors?”… Continue reading Geopolitical considerations as part of Technology risk

Insider Threat – A look at AT&T incident

In a recent expose published by SecureWorld through court documents seen, this issue has suddenly hit the spotlight. The damning question, can your employees be bought? Lets look at the reported news on the incident experienced by AT&T Wireless. The A&T& Wireless call center in Bothell, Washington is where this had begun. Call center employees… Continue reading Insider Threat – A look at AT&T incident

Capital One – The Breach

The incident Capital One issued a press release on 29 July 2019 that there was an unauthorized access by an outside individual who obtained access to it’s customer information. The information that was obtained were credit card application information, for applications between 2005 to early 2019. Information breached includes – Name – Addresses, ZIP/Postal Codes… Continue reading Capital One – The Breach

Information Mismanagement – the need for proper Information Security

At this day and age, it is difficult NOT to automate/computerise your business/data. Your receipts are part of an elaborate data capture/retention/warehouse infrastructure which constantly crunches numbers, creating meaningful information in a vast cloud of networks, systems and storage. As such, one cannot run away from the responsibilities of protecting that data, which is key… Continue reading Information Mismanagement – the need for proper Information Security

Information Security & Cryptography

Cryptography or the cryptic art started off as the art & science of encryption. It is a wide area of research and implementation. You will find it touching almost a variety area of quantum physics, law, hardware design, advanced mathematics, user interface and even politics! This makes cryptography an interesting area of study and in… Continue reading Information Security & Cryptography

Operating Systems – Introduction

A computer’s heart is the operating system. The core processing is done at the CPU, and it’s only possible if there is an operating system. So what is an Operating System? Operating system is a set of software, written using a low-level programming language (either C/C++ or Assembly). Operating system is responsible to manage the… Continue reading Operating Systems – Introduction